Australian Artist Invited to Italy

It’s 500 years since di Vinci’s death and the worlds best Living Silverpoint Artist an Australian will help the Italian Government commemorate Leonardo di Vinci the creator of Silverpoint Art.

The Prestigious Florence Biennale Art Exhibition in Italy in October will see Gordon Hanley, Living Master (ARC) show his drawings in Gold, Silver and platinum to thousands of people.

These same art works will go display at Morpeth Gallery which is fast becoming recognised as a national leader in showcasing home grown and world class artists and an up coming exhibition will be testament to the gallery’s standing.

A visit to the gallery, which has been lauded by its peers, will be mandatory over the weekend of 17th and 18th August 2019 with the launch of an exhibition by Living Master (ARC) of one of the most challenging art mediums known to man.

Internationally acclaimed silverpoint artist Gordon Hanley will show his works of extreme precision and finesse – his art in demand by galleries across the globe.

International point of difference in Living Master artist Hanley’s exhibition

Hanley is renowned for his extraordinary hyper-realist drawings in 24 carat gold, platinum, palladium and pure silver on paper coated with Marble Dust.

He was recently awarded the status of “Living Master” by the US Art Renewal Centre and became the first Australian artist and first silverpoint artist in the world to receive the accolade.

The nationally and internationally acclaimed painter who is having an exhibition at Morpeth Gallery, has been invited to showcase his works at the prestigious Florence Biennale Art Exhibition in Italy in October.

Lavish silverpoint exhibitions such as those held in the British Museum in late 2015 resulted in record crowds keen to see the work of great masters in a medium that few were familiar with.

Morpeth Gallery will give art lovers the chance to experience this first hand with Hanley’s August exhibition where he will be demonstrating the technique.

As a medium, silverpoint reached its peak in the 15th and 16th centuries during the Renaissance.

One of the most difficult mediums to master, error cannot be erased.

Silver and goldpoint drawings have a beauty of line, a richness and depth of tone.

“My aim as an artist is for the viewer to lose themselves in the experience of the artwork – to connect with it,” Hanley said.

For many art lovers, major cities are the locations of choice to buy and invest in art but  Morpeth Gallery has been bucking that trend showing that potential buyers can yield some unexpected and amazing artistic treasures. such as Hanley’s.

During a weekend in June the gallery sold $253,750.00 in original works and since then there has been a rush by investors to buy in on the ground floor before exhibitions in Florence, followed by the PAKS Gallery and MAMAG Museum to exhibit Gordon’s art during the Cannes Film Festival, Art Basel Week and Carrousel du Louvre.

Over the past two months Morpeth Gallery has seen record sales in investing in Silverpoint art, gallery owner Trevor Richards OAM said.

The gallery has had the accolade recently of having three of its leading artists featured in the US published International Artist Magazine – the largest selling art magazine in the US and the western world these 3 artists include Hanley’s work having now been featured multiple times.

Meet Gordon on Friday 16th, Saturday 17th or Sunday 18th August between 10am and 4pm at 5 Green Street Morpeth and see how this extraordinary silverpoint art is created, where entry is Free.

                                   For more information contact Trevor Richards.

                                                          Morpeth Gallery  02 49331407 Trevor Richards OAM                                                                                                                                   0428331407

                                                          or you can call Gordon Hanley (Living Master ARC) direct                                                                                                           on: 0417794797

For a demonstration of Hanley’s drawing technique see:

A video compilation of these drawings in gold can be found on Youtube:

And a time-lapse of another drawing of Sarah-Jane:


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