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Morpeth Museum Re-Opening with an Homage to Morpeth. Art work by Holly McNamee 29/08/202 - 15/11/202

Morpeth Museum – located in the original Morpeth Courthouse, Morpeth

Open : Thursday – Sunday

11.00am – 2.00pm.

Exhibition opens Saturday 29 August until 15 November

All work for sale.

Artist’s Statement :

When I was asked to contribute to the re-opening display of Morpeth

Museum, I was very pleased to be involved. Growing up in Maitland, in

Tenambit where we moved after the 1955 flood, Morpeth was very close to


We would walk to the Saturday matinee at the Astor Picture Theatre in High

Street; check where the floods were across the Morpeth flats and see if the

bridge had gone under; wander around the streets, just looking. Morpeth has

changed over the years, but not that much. The theatre is bolted up, and the

bridge is always being worked on, but the historic landscape remains. It is a

beautiful village which appreciates and showcases its colonial origins, from

railway stations to wharves, School of Arts to the little shops of Swan Street.

Working during the current COVID-19 period and its necessary restrictions, I

have been able to concentrate on my artwork, spending many hours in the

refuge of my studio. This has allowed me to concentrate on the development

of the images which have made my “Homage to Morpeth”. With my interest in

the visual appreciation of many of our heritage buildings and the stories they

tell, the images I have chosen are a number of the public buildings which

historically show the significance given to this town. The aspects of Morpeth

which I have selected, illustrate an important river port, one of the working

parts of the Hunter Valley.

Morpeth Museum Re-opening.

After being closed since mid-March due to CV19, Morpeth Museum is re-

opening to visitors this week.

As well as great new exhibits and a refreshed layout to accommodate social

distancing, the Museum is excited to be displaying a new art exhibition -

Homage to Morpeth - by local artist Holly McNamee

Complementing the artwork, which features iconic Morpeth heritage buildings,

are displays as follows

Holly's Artworks

Post Office

Astor Theatre

Morpeth Bridge

St James Church

Railway Station


Campbell's Store

Museum Displays

* Post Office display including Stamp Dispensing Machine & Postie Bike.

* Bank of Original Astor Theatre Seats

* 2 metre scale model of the bridge span constructed by an apprentice carpenter

* A whole room on Morpeth Churches including St James

* A whole room telling the story of the Morpeth Railway

* Displays on Port Morpeth including a 4 metre model of the Sophia Jane - the 1st Paddle Steamer in Australia

* 150 year old Campbell's currency coins

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