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Hunter Valley Classic Carriages

A little bit about us, we are locals to Morpeth for around 35 years, however our carriage business has been located in Pokolbin in the heart of the wine country for 26 years.


In Pokolbin we offer a wide range of experiential wine tours, tours with art galleries and high tea, chocolate tasting tours, kids and family tours and more,


We love Morpeth and are keen to help the township draw in tourism by providing our unique offering that has such a great synergy with the heritage Morpeth.


We want to offer an opportunity for people to truly experience the heritage and go back in time with us by taking a carriage ride as it was over 100 years ago.


We will be offering an opportunity for people to take the ‘Morpeth Heritage Walk’ by Carriage (45 Minutes) whilst listening to the incredible audio guide put together by Maitland City Council, in this tourists will be able to enjoy and learn about the incredible history of these sites and buildings.


Taking the walk by Carriage also offers an option for seniors, elderly, parents with small children and more to enjoy the tour without the need for walking.


We will also be offering Picnic, Morning / Afternoon Tea Carriage Drives, Drives to High Tea (2 Hrs) where we will collect our passengers and take them to an amazing post for a relaxing picnic made from local produce.


We will also offer short drives around Morpeth for the quick experience (15 Minutes)


Customers can book their experience with us in advance at


You can see some of the video we have taken on you tube, we have also posted to Facebook and Instagram.


We will be promoting local business’s and activity’s as a part of our marketing and advertising.


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