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Morpeth Museum is opening its doors for an "Afterdark" event.

The "Night at the Museum" features both outside and inside experiences.

The Good & The Bad – part 1

Meet outside the Museum and hear the history of the first four water frontage blocks sold in the town in 1834 and particularly the people associated with them. The part 1 features "The good & the bad".

The Ghosts

Explore the old Courthouse building under "mood" lighting (candles & oil lamps etc.). Search for any paranormal activity and see if there are any other shadows around other than your own! Some "spirit hunting” equipment available.

Refreshments including the “Destiny Spinning Top”.

Meet in the backyard for some light refreshments including a glass of bubbly and share your experiences.

The "Destiny Spinning Top" is cloaked in mystery. For those daring to spin the top, your destiny awaits!!

The Good & the Bad – part 2

As you leave the old Courthouse building, again hear the tales of the final two people associated with the 1834 purchases of the final two waterfront blocks. This final part features "the bad and the very very bad".

Adults only. Price $15

For more information about this event and to purchase tickets, go to our website: -

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