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The Romance of early train travel is all but lost.

In these frustrating days of modern electric trains and light rail, it is hard to remember

the smell of coal smoke, the hiss of steam, and sting of cinders flying into your eyes

as you hung out a window. There was romance then, whether travelling for work or

pleasure being on a steam train was a daily experience.

Artist John Bradley has been painting fabulous pictures of trains for 47 years and

now he has used these images with his passion for the olden days has bound stories

from drivers and gangers, stokers and crossing guards, their families and everyone

in between, to create a collection of adventures that tell in their authentic voices of

the funny, dramatic and hilarious times of a world long past.

This is an epic book about the steam locomotives of Australia from the earliest days.

It is a picture book as well as a reference book that is brimming with facts figures

but also information about where they operated or still operate plus minute details

which often fascinate the railway historian. The book is laced with brilliant colour

plates of John’s steam train paintings to emphasise various points and the selection

includes some of the most famous of the steam trains ever to be built in Australia"

If you are passionate about steam locomotives, or know someone who is, then Living

Steam is the perfect companion.

John Bradley takes readers into the fascinating and grand story of steam

transportation over ten vital decades of transformation in Australias history. This

book is so much more than a history or a set of lists, it is about the great tapestry of

transport weaved by the steam locomotive, and John details how the nation was

galvanised with economic growth delivered by steam.

John tracks key steam locomotives that traversed Australia during critical stages of

our nations development and transported soldiers to fields of conflict as we fought in

two world wars.

For a century, from 1850 to 1950, steam locomotive haulage dominated Australias

various rail systems and, during that period, rail networks expanded from a few short

routes in the big capital cities to huge networks reaching every corner of each state.

The book also covers the great named express trains hauled by steam locomotives

over the decades: Puffing Billy, The Ghan and 3801.

This new train book is titled “Living Steam” with 100 pages packed with including 35

of his train paintings including “Puffing Billy” and “Sydney Bound”

A superb hard-cover book by artist John A Bradley covering the history of rail in

Australia. John is an authority on this fascinating subject. 100 pages his paintings of

trains and black and white images and an incredible amount of information.

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