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A Night at the Museum (alternative title - The Hauntings)

Morpeth Museum is having a unique night time opening on Saturday 28th

November 2020 from 7.30pm.

The building will operate "shadow" lighting with over ten spaces to explore for

their ghostly contents. For those who "feel" the presences, they will almost

certainly be rewarded in the old Courthouse, as hauntings abound in the dark

recesses of the West Wing or the Lock-up cell!

The event will also officially launch the Museum's new book "The Morpeth

Story" with free entry to anyone buying the book.

An outside video experience is also not to be missed with two new shows

"coming to life" under the stars viz "Old Morpeth" and "Morpeth Now &


A bonus attraction - bound to attract the spirits of the past - the unfurling of a

flag first flown at the opening of Morpeth Bridge in 1898 - over 120 years ago.

The night should be quite a spectre - sorry, spectacle.

All bookings/enquiries to 49 344301 or

Covidsafe rules apply.

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