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Where to Stay


The Bronte is the perfect getaway retreat. Whether you are wanting a romantic weekend or a mid-week break

The Bronte Boutique Hotel

River Royal Inn2.jpg

Beautiful renovated hotel in the main street of Morpeth

River Royal Inn


Hunter Oasis is part of the Raworth Tennis Centre and sits within over 4 acres of beautifully maintained grounds.  Close to the scenic tourist village port of Morpeth NSW.

Hunter Oasis


This beautiful heritage cottage built in 1845 was home to the town's first doctor.

Surgeon's Cottage


William Arnott Boutique Hotel

When you stay at the William Arnott accommodation, we want your stay to be as relaxing and pleasurable as possible.

Others places to Stay at in Morpeth

  • The Villa

  • Morpeth Cottage

  • River Haus

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